April 2018 Newsletter: Building the Innovation Ecosystem
This issue of highlights research partnerships, basic research findings and technology transfer efforts that collectively add to the full spectrum of New Jersey's innovation ecosystem. We also touch on two Trenton-based learning opportunities in which Princeton students are engaged, one that examines a point in time in the city's history, and one that seeks to tackle the challenge of lead paint in homes. And finally, we put a spotlight on the recent acquisition by the Princeton University Library of former NJ Senator Bill Bradley (member of Princeton's class of 1965).
January 2018 Newsletter: Research With An Impact
This issue of features research, both fundamental and applied, intended to benefit society at large and the stories of the people working every day behind the scenes to expand the limits of human knowledge.
September 2017 Newsletter: Making a Difference in the World
This issue of features some of the work underway on campus to make a contribution to the world - developing the next business ideas and leaders; providing a more sustainable future; and improving our understanding of how young minds learn and grow.
June 2017 Newsletter: Taking the Long Range View
This issue of focuses on policies, research and collaborations that look toward our shared future, one that values innovation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to solve transportation challenges, to find the next generation of energy solutions, and preserve the foundations of a healthy planet. We also feature this year's outstanding New Jersey secondary school teachers honored at the University's 2017 Commencement. And for a little fun during this busy election year in the state, you may enjoy catching up with the webcast, "Politics & Polls," by Princeton professors Julian Zelizer and Sam Wang.
April 2017 Newsletter: Collaborating and Inspiring to Grow New Jersey's Innovation Economy

This issue of features many of the ways in which the University teams up with Rutgers and New Jersey companies, supports entrepreneurship and efforts to transfer technology into the marketplace, and inspires the next generation of scientists to enhance New Jersey's culture of innovation.

February 2017 Newsletter: Diversity, Climate Change, Digital Privacy
This issue of features the work of the University, as a research institution and convener of experts in their fields, to address global policy issues that challenge our nation and those around the world. In this issue, we place particular emphasis on diversity, climate change and digital privacy.
December 2016 Newsletter: Research and Discovery: Pathways to Innovation

As a major research institution, Princeton University attracts hundreds of millions of federal research dollars to New Jersey each year to develop knowledge that addresses human needs.  In FY2016, sponsored research expenditures at the University and the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory totaled over $307 million; supported 1,433 research…

September 2016 Newsletter: Learning by Doing - Research and Service

This issue of share stories of lessons learned in the lab and in the field through research and service, provides an update on major campus construction, and, in the context of the upcoming presidential election, includes some analysis of political polls and the next four years under a new president.

June 2016 Newsletter: Explore, Experience and Examine
The tents that hosted events for the 20,000 visitors to campus for Princeton Reunions have long been packed away, as have the chairs for the 10,000 people attending Princeton's Commencement, but the days are busy as ever here in the summer months. This issue of highlights just a few of things you can enjoy at Princeton University in the summer, as well as a tribute to NJ secondary school teachers, an effective town-gown partnership, and a flavor of the research that is always underway no matter what the time of year.
March 2016 Newsletter: Broadening Perspectives Through the Arts
"The arts are an essential facet of the world-class education we seek to provide all Princeton students. Those who engage deeply with the arts broaden their perspectives, enhance their creativity, and enrich their lives." - President Christopher L. Eisgruber. This issue of shares how the arts are integrated into the academic experience at Princeton and how the university applies this approach to community engagement by providing access to its galleries, theaters, and libraries.
December 2015 Newsletter: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Throughout the country, on college campuses, in civic venues, and at holiday gatherings, Americans - and New Jerseyans - have been engaging in conversations about race, ethnicity and discrimination. Princeton students have been no exception, with some of their conversations focusing on Woodrow Wilson - his views on race and his legacy as the 13th President of Princeton University, the 34th Governor of New Jersey, and the 28th President of the United States. In response to student concerns, President Christopher L. Eisgruber issued a message to university students, faculty, staff and alumni, noting that "We must commit ourselves to make this University a place where students from all backgrounds feel respected and valued." It is in this context that we begin this issue of with the research of Stacey Sinclair, associate professor of psychology and African American studies, into "unconscious bias," or how our implicit prejudices inform our interactions in the context of racial inequality.