April 2020 Newsletter: Mobilizing to Find Solutions

This issue of shares stories of University contributions to our local communities and the state; University researchers seeking to tackle challenges in testing, treatment and contact tracing; and staff working around the clock to serve the needs of students who needed to remain on campus.

January 2020 Newsletter: Research and Innovation that Impact People's Lives

This issue of features a number of new discoveries by Princeton faculty and students. Through these stories, we hope to share the potential of research and innovation at Princeton to improve lives and benefit society. 

September 2019 Newsletter: Pursue the Dissenting Idea

In this issue of "" looks at several ways in which the University empowers individuals to question their preconceptions in order to bring innovative approaches to present challenges. Read on to learn more about solutions to lead contamination in water; campus programs to build research and trade skills; and ocean quality, natural gas and other climate change concerns.

June 2019 Newsletter: Working for the Common Good

This issue of features people who work every day to pursue a common good in the world - in the future of cities, sustainability and environmental responsibility, accessibility of higher education, and the classroom.

Earth Day 2019 Newsletter: In the Service of the Earth

This issue of features the efforts by University faculty, students and staff – in the laboratory and on the ground – to reduce the carbon footprint of the University and the world at large.

March 2019 Newsletter: Innovations in Big Data, Climate Science and Beyond

This issue of features a number of new technologies – using data science to advance knowledge in a wide range of fields, understanding drug-resistant antibiotics, mapping the ocean floor – as well as the expertise of climate scientists at the University who bring different approaches to the challenges of carbon emissions reduction and the impacts of global warming. We also highlight the joint MD-PhD program between Princeton and Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School that was launched in 2005 to build research expertise for aspiring medical doctors who want to both treat patients and explore the causes of medical conditions.

December 2018 Newsletter: Partnerships for Innovation
This issue of highlights recent partnerships with technology and biomedical companies to drive innovation entrepreneurship and economic impact, and other initiatives that benefit society, from protecting democracy to improving artificial intelligence and removing carbon from the atmosphere.
September 2018 Newsletter: Improving Access to Higher Education
This issue of celebrates this diversity by looking back on a summer of programs hosted on campus designed to make higher education more accessible and prepare students for success. We also provide a taste of the ideas being explored by university researchers in laboratories across campus, and even in space. And we celebrate Governor Phil Murphy's visit to Princeton Innovation Center BioLabs to launch new programs to support innovative companies in NJ.
June 2018 Newsletter: The High Value of Higher Education
This issue of celebrates the parting messages and role models offered to this year's graduating class; shares groundbreaking research in cancer, neuroscience and political science; and features the role of the university in convening conversations and events on public policy priorities.
April 2018 Newsletter: Building the Innovation Ecosystem
This issue of highlights research partnerships, basic research findings and technology transfer efforts that collectively add to the full spectrum of New Jersey's innovation ecosystem. We also touch on two Trenton-based learning opportunities in which Princeton students are engaged, one that examines a point in time in the city's history, and one that seeks to tackle the challenge of lead paint in homes. And finally, we put a spotlight on the recent acquisition by the Princeton University Library of former NJ Senator Bill Bradley (member of Princeton's class of 1965).
January 2018 Newsletter: Research With An Impact
This issue of features research, both fundamental and applied, intended to benefit society at large and the stories of the people working every day behind the scenes to expand the limits of human knowledge.