December 2013 Newsletter: Innovation and Research

Written by
Maura M. Fennessy
Dec. 5, 2013

What is the benefit of investing public dollars in university research? According to Pablo Debenedetti, Princeton's dean for research, "Funding for basic science is the fuel that has made possible the extraordinary record of fundamental discovery, technological innovation and prosperity creation that has characterized our country's research enterprise since the end of the Second World War." In FY2013 alone, research at the University and its federal facilities brought to New Jersey $280 million in sponsored research funds - roughly 85% of which is from federal agencies - and resulted in 160 patent applications, 29 issued patents and 33 licenses.

This issue of looks at some examples of the direct economic benefits of basic research at Princeton; the value of research that seeks to tackle public policy challenges, invent and fine-tune new technologies, and, eventually, cure cancer; and efforts on campus to improve the connection between laboratory findings and the marketplace.

If this sparks your interest in learning more about research at Princeton, follow the quick links to the left, or read DISCOVERY Magazine, which presents an annual snapshot of the variety and volume of research undertaken each year on campus; E-quad News, the School of Engineering and Applied Science's biannual publication; or Quest, the annual magazine of the U.S. Department of Energy's Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, managed by Princeton University.  


  • Federal research funds drive economic growth
  • Small bits of genetic material fight cancer
  • Printable "bionic" ear
  • Automating the automobile for New Jersey
  • Protecting the Mid-Atlantic coast by design
  • Launchpad blasts new teams into business
  • New egg pasteurization method hatches at PPPL
  • Green roof energy savings hinge on climate
  • NJ affordable housing and impact on communities

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