September 2023 - Welcome Back
Sept. 21, 2023
Written by Office of State Affairs

President Christopher L. Eisgruber officially greeted the Class of 2027 during Opening Exercises earlier this month, urging first-years to embrace the learning and growth that await them as Princeton undergraduates.

Eisgruber said: "Always, and especially now, this campus must stand firmly for equality, inclusion, and respect.&nbsp…

June 2023: Commencement
July 12, 2023

At Princeton University's 276th Commencement, President Christopher L. Eisgruber encouraged graduating students to “let your voices rise” to protect two important values: free speech and equality.

“When people talk about free speech rights in America, they often depict them as the legacy of the American founding in the 18th century,…

June 2022: The Value of Persistence
June 15, 2022

In his address to the Princeton Class of 2022, President Eisgruber focused on the value of persistence to the graduating students' achievements.

"You earned your degrees today in many ways and for many reasons, but not least because you persisted brilliantly throughout your time on this campus and away from it," he said. "You persisted not only through a world-altering pandemic, but through problem sets, writing assignments, laboratories, midterms, finals, senior theses, dissertations, and the personal crises and doubts that are an inevitable part of college life and, indeed, of life more generally."

President Eisgruber went on to describe why getting across the finish line and earning a degree matters today.

"[Getting a college degree] correlates with everything from higher incomes to better health to greater civic engagement—and the list goes on...which is why we celebrate Commencement day with admiration and exuberant joy."

And while "graduation rates for Princeton students remain sky-high," President Eisgruber explained that this was not necessarily true for other colleges and universities.

“Some students left school during the pandemic and have not returned. Some high school students who might have gone to college have made other choices instead. Though the data is incomplete, both problems appear to have a disproportionate effect on students from less advantaged backgrounds and those who attend community colleges and other public, two-year institutions.”

To this, he commended Governor Murphy's 'Some College, No Degree' program, which would assist the nearly 700,000 New Jersey students who left school without finishing and expressed hoped that the New Jersey Legislature would fund the program.

March 2022: An Eye on the Environment
March 25, 2022
Written by Office of State Affairs
In a recent message to alumni, President Christopher L. Eisgruber reiterated the University’s core values of scholarly excellence; talent and truth-seeking; access, affordability, and inclusivity; and service broadly understood. He shared how, throughout its history, “Princeton University has planned carefully for growth while investing boldly in human potential and groundbreaking inquiry. We have sought to address the most complex challenges of each age with depth of purpose and creative collaboration.”
January 2022: A Year in Review
Jan. 20, 2022
Written by Office of State Affairs
In this issue of, we will look back on some of the biggest stories of 2021, including groundbreaking regional efforts to spur innovation, initiatives to increase diversity and inclusion, some of the year’s most significant research stories, and Nobel Prize awards for Princeton University faculty and alumni.
November 2021: Many voices, one future: An inclusive Princeton
Nov. 22, 2021
This issue of features stories about ongoing efforts to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion on campus, a look back at Princeton University’s Nobel prize winners, and describes how students engaged in elections in New Jersey.
September 2021: Welcome back, Princeton
Sept. 20, 2021
Written by Office of State Affairs
Over the past year, Princeton University has instituted a range of measures designed to decrease COVID-19 risk and allow students, faculty, and staff to safely return to campus. And, as the semester began, Princeton University President Chris Eisgruber welcomed students with excitement. In his blog, Welcome Back to Campus, President Chris Eisgruber said “The beginning of a new academic year always brings fresh energy, and I feel especially excited to welcome you back to Princeton this month. In-person teaching, research, and scholarship are the heart of Princeton’s educational mission. Our people and our community are, first and foremost, what makes this University a special place.”
July 2021: Summer Reflections
July 23, 2021

The summer is typically a quieter time on Princeton’s campus, providing an opportunity for reflection. This issue of does just that, featuring a two-part series that looks back on teaching a pandemic, a glimpse at what is happening on and around campus moving forward, and, a peek at some of the research underway at the University. But first, a call to action by Princeton’s president, Chris Eisgruber and other higher education and business leaders urging Congress to pass the bipartisan Dream Act of 2021 to provide a path to citizenship and end “this constant rollercoaster of lawsuits and uncertainty.”

May 2021 Newsletter: Together, Six Feet Apart
May 26, 2021

This issue of features Princeton University’s 2021 commencement which included awards for four outstanding New Jersey secondary teachers and six honorary degree recipients from around the state; an update on the University’s ongoing effort to address racism; and highlights the research underway at the University.

March 2021 Newsletter: The Race to Zero
March 30, 2021

This issue of "" looks at several new studies led by Princeton University researchers to make predictions about the future of the environment in the United States and around the globe. Read on to learn more about sea-level rise risks and migration, research that tackles water challenges around the globe, and new ‘see-through soil’ that could help farmers deal with future droughts.

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