Princeton and New Jersey

Collage of various University images.
Many are aware of Princeton University's reputation as a top-ranked international research university. The story that doesn't often get told is how the University's location in New Jersey enhances its ability to maintain this reputation. New Jersey's attractiveness as a biotech/pharmaceutical headquarters location has created a robust environment for research and collaboration across higher education and businesses. Its rich transit system has contributed to the University's ability to create an ambitious plan for a performing arts center and new campus gateway around the Princeton (Dinky) train station. And the priority New Jersey places on renewable energy and sustainability contributes to a vibrant culture of energy and green building innovation.

At the same time, Princeton University is committed to ensuring the success of the greater Princeton community and the State of New Jersey.  This includes providing summer education programs for New Jersey teachers and high school students, free on-line learning opportunities for the public, volunteering thousands of hours of community service in the region each year, generating roughly $1 billion in economic benefit to the state and providing opportunities for research and discussion on policy issues facing the state and the region.   In all of these ways and more, Princeton contributes significantly to the overall economic growth of New Jersey and the quality of life in the region.